The Blog Formerly Known as The Redding Report

If you were one of the twenty (high estimate!!) people who read my old blog, The Redding Report, you can go ahead and breathe that big sigh of relief you’ve been holding in since the middle of last season. Where have I been, you ask? It’s a pretty interesting story. Just like 2013 Jay Cutler, I started the season looking great, playing with confidence, and generally firing on all cylinders. Tragically, I, too, broke my thumb (computer stopped working and couldn’t publish blog posts) just when it seemed like I had finally figured it all out. Unable to write about the game I love, I became depressed and short-tempered, berating any and every Jets fan I encountered on Twitter. Bad got worse when I couldn’t tell you all about my experience with the Patriots here in San Diego (great story forthcoming in the Pats’ bye week) and it became clear that I was missing the opportunity to blog through my beloved team’s Super Bowl season. And honestly, being able to compare my blog’s career arc to any version of Jay Cutler is pretty disheartening in itself.

But lo! A revelation cameth upon me. What if I could make The Redding Report sleeker, sexier, smart-aleckier? To do it, I’d have to leave Blogger in search of richer soil. The plan was as foolish as it was daring, and I knew it wouldn’t be easy.  I steeled my nerves and prepared to risk everything for a better blog.

◊                                                               ◊                                                                                  ◊

After a couple of weeks dodging the agents Blogger had posted outside of my apartment, I was finally able to contact WordPress, an agency that came highly recommended from some of my most trusted colleagues. I slipped out late one night and met a representative in an obscure part of Balboa Park (San Diego bonus content). He told me that WordPress could offer me protection, as well as a better looking, more efficient system with which to bring my voice to the pleading masses. And so it began. I spent hours, nay, minutes “signing up”, “making a profile”, and “choosing a theme”. (All text quoted to reflect observation of secret WordPress agent terminology).

So here we are. Blogger’s death threats-turned-desperate love letters eventually stopped and I’ve got a happy new home here at WordPress. So enjoy the new-look, new-name, new slogan (our first-ever slogan!!) 4th & Gyas- The football blog you can call on when it counts! We’re (and by “we” I mean “I”) looking forward to a great run with all of you that will eventually lead to a position at whatever Dr. Dre-creating Aftermath Records-esque endeavor Bill Simmons will embark on next. Forward!


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